Over Tochi

Tochi concept

The mission of TOCHI was pretty clear… introducing aesthetics that haven’t been seen before–something that produces a surge of adrenaline as it catches your attention.



In the rush of today we all feel the need to experience a soothing atmosphere in the own inner space. An atmosphere in which we can calm down and charge up for the challenge of tomorrow. Tochi merges together design with the attractiveness of fire and the sensuality of scents.

Our Love For Candles

The TOCHI design and concept is new and different. An innovative new candle that is strikingly elegant but at the same time simple and intuitive to use. Together with the special designed docks you can create a pattern of candles perfectly how you like it.


Sensual scents

With TOCHI candles you will fill your surroundings with the most attractive scents. Use them one by one or mix them up for a sensational experience.